God Complex have only been a band for a year but they’re already making the kind of waves and impact that most bands could only hope to achieve after three or four years, touring with the likes of Venom Prison and Employed To Serve. “The catalyst for our progression was definitely the Venom Prison run at the end of last year,” guitarist Kyle Holt told us. “We’ve seen a definite rise in popularity from then on and we’re incredibly humbled by it.” They then went on to work with Loathe’s Erik Bickerstaffe, who produced their brand new EP ‘Created Sick’ out 5th October on Venn Records. “Working with Erik was a very fluid process because he knows exactly what we want from our music and how to create that vision sonically.…’Created Sick’ has been in the works for a very long time. Some of the songs on the EP have been written since before the band fully came to be…it feels incredible to finally be able to give people a release date, we’re all very excited.”

““Music has a unique way of uniting people, it’s the perfect way to spread a message…”

Music wise, God Complex happily walk the line between metal and hardcore, which Kyle noted was becoming more common as of late in the heavy music scene. “A lot of heavy music is diverting back to the more raw, stripped-back approach instead of the more polished sound that was prevalent a few years back…Bands like ETS and Code Orange are pushing a style that combines influences from both metal and hardcore. We try to use aspects from both genres as it opens more room for creative song-writing.”

The EP itself explores various themes, but the overall concept “is one of misanthropy and a commentary on the dark side of human nature,” perhaps most boldly stated in their newest single ‘Breeding Filth’ – an angry political rally inspired by the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on Syria in 2017. The band wouldn’t describe themselves as political per say, however. “No topic is off limits for us,” they said. “Our writing isn’t solely focused in the political realm…We choose to speak up on any subject that we feel needs to be addressed, and each topic can vary in scale from personal incidents to things that affect people on a worldwide scale…We write about whatever we feel passionately about.” Having said that, the band do believe those in a position of influence, particularly in the music field, can have the ability to make a difference.

“It’s a  commentary on the dark side of human nature”

“Music has a unique way of uniting people, it’s the perfect way to spread a message…Any person or group of people with enough passion for these kinds of issues can definitely make an impact with enough effort.” Sometimes too, it’s the current social and economic situations that inspire people to take up worthy causes. “The country and the world in general is in a dark place right now – times of political, social hardship and oppression can really galvanise people into making a positive change.”

Following the release of their debut EP, the band will be playing a run of dates with Rough Hands in October as well as appearing at Upsurge and Venomfest. “We’re really excited as these will be some of the biggest shows we’ve played so far, and the line-ups are stacked. That’s all we can say on our immediate plans for now. As for long term you’ll have to wait and see.” If you’re looking for your new favourite heavy band, look no further. These guys will no doubt blow your ears of, and if the EP is anything to go by, God Complex will find themselves as one of THE bands redefining the term ‘heavy’.





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