RATING: 5/10 


Depression is a gruelling challenge to try and overcome, a strong beating heart is needed and a clean outlook is mandatory, but it’s difficult to freshen up a cluttered mind. Polishing your brain isn’t possible, eradicating those feelings and piecing together a thought process can be debilitating. But, you’re not alone, and there are times when the world feels like it’s weighing on your shoulders, pushing on your stricken body. You may shred those letters of love as you feel empty, directing your rage at the person you wholesomely adore, shoving them away and sitting alone under those stars you find ugly. Depression makes you see beautiful things in an unremarkable way, and it’s not your fault, it’s your wonderful mind wracked by bleakness, but you’ll see the light, just believe.

“Polishing your brain isn’t possible, eradicating those feelings and piecing together a thought process can be debilitating.”

Pop punk band As It Is rally a cause with their new record The Great Depression. They don’t proclaim that they’re saviours, but their opus of aid is a statement of intent. Lead singer Patty Walters shrieks and bellows about humanity and depression’s forceful grip. He is a man on the verge of losing it, but it’s a sign of his passion for a subject which can be perceived as being close to the bone. And although the subject matter is touchy, The Great Depression will help many come to the fore and release their problems.

It’s an emotional whirlwind of a record, constructed to tell tales and its imperfection is even more beautiful. It connects and resonates so much that you’ll feel like you’re singing with Walters, throwing words like notes, hurting inside, but trying to disconnect from depressive states. As mentioned prior, depression can be debilitating, and it can keep you from fulfilling your potential. Listening to As It Is play as a band looking different, wearing black, and with black circles around their eyes, will give people who are shrugging their shoulders and who are cascading into darkness a boost. This band haven’t completely altered their sound to fit a mould, they’re a band which have felt low too.

“It’s an emotional whirlwind of a record, constructed to tell tales and its imperfection is even more beautiful.”

Many were perplexed when As It Is changed their look. Many scorned the band for altering the way they have dressed. But, on the whole, many commended the act for standing up and helping a cause. The Great Depression is the band’s momentous stretch forward, their commitment, their grand tour de force. It is a record of truth, baring teeth, and wonderful lyrical scope. Walters connects the dots with lyrical precision, blasting his vocals, stretching his chords, beating the ground with his feet, dancing for salvation. And Solace is needed these days in the music industry. There should be more help for musicians who are suffering from mental health issues.

The Great Depression commands attention. It’s an album boasting many brilliant scores. The Wounded World is a track conveying depression as wound, a blood soaked sore. Walters sings with urgency and belief. It’s a song which sticks in the mind, and has been expressed with full intent. The guitars offer a roughness, a great undertone. The Question, The Answer, begins beautifully, as Walters sings with subtlety. It’s a stark listen describing the clouds as heaven and the earth as hell. The little back-beat is joyous. The Truth I’ll Never Tell is a guitar driven track destined to become a favourite. The chorus is brilliant, spearheading the band’s revolution for change. The protagonist doesn’t want to hurt anymore. The Hurt And The Hope is a soft ballad. It describes the times and tribulations of a bully victim. It doesn’t feel warm, the snap of February is apparent. It’s one of the most heartrending songs As It Is have ever written.

As It Is have created a special album. We knew they were a talented unit, but they’ve undone themselves and their message of hope is rooted. On The Great Depression, the band showcase their rawness, a love for music and the people.



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