The two elderly men who ran away from a nursing home to attend Wacken Open Air festival weren’t elderly and they didn’t escape from a nursing home at all. They didn’t attended the music festival at all.

The two men were 58 and 59 years old and they escaped from a mental health facility. They didn’t even make it to the music festival either.

The pair had turned up at a medical tent for festivalgoers which some how started the elderly duo tale. The police announced that two men left their care home and headed to the town of Wacken which was near the festival which started the rumour and was took out of context.

A police spokesman spoke out and said that the men did in fact have mental health issues and went to the town to party and they drank alcohol.

Metalheads have been praising the two men on social media and calling them heroes based on the reports of the metalhead seniors.



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