We think Don Broco’s Rob Damiani might have had a bit to much to drink and partied to hard at Warped Tour and Simple Plan have released a short film to tell us all about it.

Just joking though but that is the plot for Weekend at Broco’s which you can watch below.

Simple Plan have been dropping short films to celebrate their last Vans Warped Tour. The band have created films with some of their friends including State Champs and Don Broco to bring us Weekend at Broco’s.

We have bee given us the first episode of Weekend at Broco’s which involves Simple Plan trying to cover up the death of Rob Damiani after a massive night of drinking and partying.

We love this short film and we can’t wait to see more. Should we start worrying that Rob might of actually died during Warped Tour? Guess we will find out on the next episode of Weekend at Broco’s.



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