RATING: 9/10

Your favourite deathcore band are back, with a brand new line up and a brand new album. That’s right, the mighty Chelsea Grin return, and we couldn’t be more hyped for to hear their fifth full length ‘Eternal Nightmare’, out July 13th. “This record is about dwelling in the negativity and darkness and how sometimes it gets the best of all of us,” the band told us, describing some of the themes and concepts we can expect. “We have been through these issues a lot in the last year and a half so when it came to writing and recording this record everything just naturally fell into play.”

The band have been through a big upheaval recently, with the departure of two of their members, including drafting in a new vocalist, a change that’s bound to have some level of impact on their sound but as far as the band’s concerned, they haven’t changed as much as some people might think. “We communicate more and the ideas that have been put out there by each member have all been on the same wavelength. This is definitely a new beginning with many more CG tours and records to come…The band feels like a stronger unit than we have ever been.” Although listeners can expect, “a darker and more ‘pissed off’ CG.”

New vocalist is, in fact, none other than Tom Barber from New Jersey deathcore legends Lorna Shore. Tom has been a long term friend of the band and was an obvious choice when it came down to finding a new singer. “when the time came we knew tom was a perfect fit tonally…he saw it as a new opportunity to grow and create something fresh with us.”

The band have released two singles off the new album so far – ‘Dead Rose’ and ‘Hostage’. “We were sitting on the video/single [to ‘Dead Rose’] for about 6 weeks just biting our nails wondering how all of this was going to go down once the world knew. We launched it and the first 10 comments were just amazing…After the video passed a couple hundred thousand plays first day we knew something was right. The video hit 1 million plays recently too in less than a month.”

Next up was ‘Hostage’ with its eerie horror/thriller style video. “It was the first time we got to use a rain machine so that was pretty wild! Like the first single this video also hit a few hundred thousand plays first day and I think this was more of a wild card then DR. This was the song that would make fans either continue to follow the band or just brush us off. I think we locked it in and fans are happy.”

It’s set to be a big year for the band, with not only the new album to look forward to, but a series of dates at Warped Tour. “We are beyond excited to be on the final Warped tour!…We heard the sales are also insane so it is definitely good times to be part of something that will leave a mark on the music community forever.” Aside from that, we can look forward to a Europe/UK headline tour and “more announcements throughout the year that we’re currently unable to talk about!” Exciting stuff!






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