2016’s Laugh Tracks catapulted a relatively unknown band from Oldham County, Kentucky into global recognition. Knocked Loose’s rapid rise to success was both unseen and well deserved, signifying Knocked Loose as one of contemporary hardcore’s rising stars. Speaking to Isaac Hale and Brian Garris, Discovered are given a glimpse into the hectic lives the band lead now. While the band may have recently finished headlining a US tour above hardcore legends Terror, and have been touring the world nonstop over the past two years, the attention certainly hasn’t tainted the bands mindsets with them expressing, “We’re very thankful that we get to do what we do.”



everybody’s like ‘that young band, with young kids’…” 

The band’s tour with support from Terror, Jesus Piece and Year Of The Knife, came two years prior to the release of Laugh Tracks, Brian tells us, “I think that especially for our first headliner, we very much wanted to make a statement… So far since we’ve been a band, since we’ve started to rise so fast, everybody’s like ‘that young band, with young kids’.” The statement made was a bold one at that, playing over such a band as big as Terror has only solidified in people’s minds that Knocked Loose are anything but young kids, and with the tour being their first, the sky’s the limit for Knocked Loose who’s ambition and drive to success is unrivalled by their peers.  

Isaac and Brian both put a huge stress on the importance of touring, not just for Knocked Loose, but for hardcore as a genre. With Isaac stating it was the live settings of hardcore and punk shows that captured his interest in the scenes, When I was a kid I didn’t know what hardcore was, I didn’t give a fuck about punk, but then I saw it live and it resonated with me… It’s very important and it’s fun to see. We’ve had this conversation, it’s a very common question – “what do you think about crowdkilling?” We always say the same thing, there should always be a safe space to stand at shows, but we 100% support a violent mosh pit, it’s fun, it’s cool, especially when it’s in the moment… I think a violent mosh pit or bunch of stage diving or a crowd singing along, it’s all one and the same to me… it’s a very powerful thing to see and it’s why hardcore has stayed alive for all these years and I think that is more powerful than a record.”

We always say the same thing, there should always be a safe space to stand at shows, but we 100% support a violent mosh pit”

Knocked Loose haven’t stopped touring since the release of Laugh Tracks, with the band appearing on stages with a variety of different bands across the globe, a mean feat for a band with only one record released.

Brian expresses that the band’s gratitude is directed towards acts such as “Expire, Counterparts, Stick To Your Guns, Acacia Strain… I would say that Counterparts, Acacia Strain and Expire saw something in us very early and they very much helped us and took us under their wing. I know there were some issues that came out about a member of Expire, but that doesn’t change what the other members of that band did for us… Counterparts are still helping us, we’re very good friends with Counterparts and I’m still learning stuff from Brendan, we’re very lucky to have the people we have on our side.” With Isaac adding “We get very, very attached to the bands that we tour with, especially when it’s multiple times a year… When it gets to that level, it becomes more than a tour… Pretty much 100% of the time those bands are made up of older dudes that have been doing this for a really long time, so there’s definitely a lot to learn, and I think they care about seeing us succeed.” To hear Knocked Loose taking advantage of having worked with some of the biggest names in heavy music is a clear indicator as to why the band have garnered such a following, as they take each opportunity given to them to hone their craft and grow as musicians, admitting even now they are still learning.

we’re very lucky to have the people we have on our side.”

One of the standout points in Knocked Loose’s journey so far was the 2017 Warped Tour. It’s fair to say that the band don’t fully align alongside some of the acts more well known as Warped Tour Bands’ yet the response Knocked Loose received over that summer only fuelled their journey to where they are today. Brian tells us “It was fun! I went into the tour thinking that I would hate it. I thought that it would be very good for the band but I would personally hate it; being in the sun every single day, being on the road for two months – it’s a very, very exhausting tour, but I ended up loving it. I thought that it was like summer camp, I had a very fun time and it was amazing for the band.” Brian then goes on to say that many have asked why the band took Warped Tour’s offer, given that the band aren’t what many would expect to be a popular act for such a tour stating, “Since the beginning of Knocked Loose we’ve always presented ourselves as a band that will do anything. We are not a warped tour band and we are not an anti-warped tour band, we like doing anything that could potentially be beneficial if there’s an opportunity to play in front of one new person and that person will come back next time? Then we’ll do it.” Everything Knocked Loose do when approaching work as a band is testament to why they’re one of the biggest names in hardcore, so early in their careers – they love what they do and take every viable chance to perform that they can.

““Since the beginning of Knocked Loose we’ve always presented ourselves as a band that will do anything.”

The conversation turns to the band’s future, it’s clear the band live to tour, and there’s now mounting pressure from fans for a second Knocked Loose release. There is work being done, but the band are biding their time, Brian tells us “We’ve talked a lot about it, potential directions we want to go, things that we wanna do differently now.” with Isaac adding “There isn’t a deadline now, but it’s something you’re thinking about all the time, we’re just trying to figure out where it’s going to go.” Brian also states, “There’s definitely people that expect it, we have people asking us all the time, it’s definitely been long enough now to where people are hitting us up… it’s expected from everybody else sooner than later, I just tell people we write when we have time, it’s very hard to find time, our headliner ended two weeks ago.” Isaac gives comforting words to fans wondering how much Knocked Loose’s focus is towards a new record saying, “If anyone asks ‘where is the new record at?’, we can probably all say it’s at the forefront of our minds, it’s what we’re most concerned about.” 

For a band that are still in the infancy of their career, Knocked Loose treat each opportunity to grow with high regard and are taking each step as it comes rather than rushing to conform to the standards others feel they should be adhering to.





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