Following on from the news that Muncie Girls have announced their newest record Fixed Ideals, the band release lead single Picture of Health.

Speaking on the creative process of Fixed Ideals, vocalist and guitarist Lande Hekt says “These are some of the most personal songs I’ve written, and I was listening to different music when I wrote them and during the recording, which probably sounds quite noticeable… Stuff like The Replacements, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Popguns and The Pastels. I think we all became a bit more adventurous with this record.” And Picture of Health is exactly that! Heartfelt and introspective, a clear evolution from Munie Girls

Picture of Health is accompanied by a music video that can only be likened to Korn’s Freak On A Leash just sans bullet, which is swapped for a fidget spinner.




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