Tennessee hard rock emo legends Mayday Parade have got a busy year ahead of them, with new album ‘Sunnyland’ about to drop, and a series of dates at the very last Warped Tour to follow, which don’t you worry about, we’ll be joining them there. “Our career pretty much was kickstarted with warped tour, and were happy to be invited to play the last one,” bass player and vocalist Jeremy Lenzo told us when we caught up with him for a chat recently. “It’s bittersweet because it has so much meaning to us…[it’s] sad that this is the end.”

For those who haven’t checked out the band’s latest singles yet, there’s actually four pre-releases on offer from the new album to whet your eager appetites – ‘Never Sure’, ‘It’s Hard To Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts Of Lightning’, ‘Stay The Same’ and ‘Piece Of Your Heart’, the latter of which is a slower, romantic number with pretty acoustic guitars, delicate piano melodies and harmonies. “You would have to ask Derek that one,” said Jeremy. “since he wrote [it]. To me I think the chorus sums up the whole song ‘I’ve got a piece of your heart, but I want the whole damn thing.’”

 ““for us…it wasn’t meant to be controversial…”

“Everyone knows what a selfish prick you’ve become” is one of the lines from ‘It’s Hard To Be Religious…’ which, as you can imagine, takes us on quite a different journey, with the video featuring some cult imagery and a potentially controversial topic although, “for us…it wasn’t meant to be controversial, we just thought it was a fitting title for the song because no matter how you look at it, the person saying it isn’t happy. I think you can look at it from a religious point of view as someone questioning why these bad things are allowed to happen, or as someone who isn’t religious and saying how can you be when all these bad things happen. The title actually comes from a line in a Calvin and Hobbs comic.” Good to hear these guys are still retaining their nerd credentials by taking inspiration from comics, but for a band now on their  sixth studio album, do they still find it hard to come up with fresh ideas? “Just going about your day there will always be something to draw inspiration from. What I find most difficult is trying to write something to fit our bands sound, but [this] is also something new that we haven’t done before.”

“Just going about your day there will always be something to draw inspiration from.”

It definitely is, since this is not only their first release on Rise Records, but also their first to work with multiple producers, both of which the band are pretty excited about. “We thought with the change of label it would be good to try and change up our writing procedure as well. I think having people critique your work is good, I don’t think any of us minded the input from producer or label…We are very happy with how involved Rise has been with everything…they have been working really hard on this record and it shows.”

So with a new record entail, and with Warped Tour and of the USA at their feet this summer, it seems like the sunshine kings of emo have once more returned to brighten up the future of music.









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