This Wild Life announce their forthcoming album Petaluma to be released through Epitaph Records on June 22th. The band have released two singles so far, most recently Westside with a video directed by Spencer Baldwin. Kevin Jordan; one half of the band says, “‘Westside’ is a song I’ve wanted to write for many years but never knew how, since its inspiration isn’t my story to tell. Sexual assault isn’t something many people are comfortable talking about, and my perspective in the song is from a person supporting a loved one who’s experienced it. In my moments of anger and frustration I had to focus on showing love, care, and support for the person who was really hurting. To anyone who’s been affected by sexual assault, find strength in your loved ones and speak up if you’re able. You could never be a burden.”

Petaluma’s track listing is as follows:

01. Figure It Out
02.  Headfirst
03.  Catie Rae
04.  Positively Negative
05. Westside
06.  Hold You Here
07. Come Back Down
08. College Kids
09.  Never Believe
10. No Need For Novocaine



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