All Hail Mary Jane! From your typical 80’s Fast Times At Ridgemont High esque cliche to world renowned Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart – plenty of people are going to be smoking this 420

  1. Deez Nuts – Move Back
    Infamous for their party attitude, weed is synonymous with Deez Nuts from their merch to their lyrical content, and Move Back featuring Louie Knuxx for extra vocals, a great blend of Rap and Hardcore to kick off our list.
  2. Cyprus Hill – Insane In The MembraneThe kings of the spliff, B-Real is the first man to come to mind when it comes to hotboxing your surroundings. A song that is almost too blatant, it’s any stoners go to track. In fact if you wanna watch some fellow stoners get blazed and grilled all at the same time, check out Dr Green Thumb’s ‘The Smokebox’ series.
  3. Trash Talk – The Great EscapePaired with a super trippy video, The Great Escape comes from some of our favourite stoners, Trash Talk. Faster than your average tune to jam out stoned, The Great Escape is still a perfect choice especially whilst watching the accompanying video
  4. Black Sabbath – War Pigs
    Black Sabbath are the forefathers of Doom and the sludge and groove that War Pigs posses is essential listening, stoned or not! The band’s back catalogue is obviously a go to for 420 but War Pigs is a great starting point.
  5. Ghost – Secular Haze
    Doom is a blatant go to genre for a smoking session – Ghost’s Secular Haze sounds like a stain of weed itself and the band’s trippy instrumentation below 2nd vocalist Papa Emeritus II make for a great, yet devilish chill out.
  6. Sleep – DragonautKings of Stoner Metal and definite descendants of Sabbath, Dragonaut is great listening for a chilled out evening.
  7. OPM – El CapitanPicture California, in the 90s, deck in hand. Failing that, it’s the perfect soundtrack when revisiting the nostalgia of Tony Hawkes Underground.
  8. Turnover – Dizzy On The ComedownNot only is Dizzy On The Comedown a great relaxed tune to smoke to but the entirety of Peripheral Vision is a great record to mellow you out on 420.

  9. Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit ChuIt’s got a bassline that’ll make your brain thump more than any amount of THC, all the while stirring up those feelings of extroverted love that always seem to come out when you’re just that next level.
  10. Body Count – InstitutionalizedA modernisation of the seminal Suicidal Tendencies track Ice-T vents his anger at everything from playing X-Box to vegans. This tongue in cheek tune is a perfect close to our list.

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