Deference are an exciting five-piece from Southampton helping to prove once again that the southern UK metal scene is alive and thriving. “There’s lots of cool metal bands from down our way,” enthused the guys. “With the likes of OHOH, Grove Street Families and our boys in Bury Tomorrow smashing it all over the world, it really gives Southampton a place on the map for metal.” The importance of live underground scenes like this really can’t be understated. It’s so crucial to support local live music; a concept that the band fully understands. “The majority of our fans like us because they saw us live. Everyone’s broke these days so people will only go to shows if they’re guaranteed a good time…and we always try to give people a great show.”

“Everyone’s broke these days so people will only go to shows if they’re guaranteed a good time.”

Having recently released their new EP, False Awakening towards the end of 2017, the band are raring to go, and optimistic about the future of their genre, particularly in the wake of Architects’ recent sell out show at Alexandra Palace. “Metal has always been hugely popular outside of the mainstream in the UK, with bands most people on the street would have never heard of selling out impressive sized venues. What Architects did when they sold out Alexandra Palace was take this to the logical extreme. It feels like metal is on the cusp of a major shift from underground popularity to real mainstream recognition…it’s definitely an exciting time to be a metal band…Metal has never been the ‘popular’ music type for most but at the same time, it’s never tried to be. We play metal because we love it, we’re not gonna go pop if metal dies (which it never will). If Architects can sell out a venue of that size, why can’t we?”

Describing themselves as a “powerful, emotional wall of sound” the band have already played with artists such as Falling With Style, Currents and Palm Reader, and are racking up an impressive list of achievements. Asked about their highlights so far, “finding a Spongebob toothbrush in France” was obviously top of the list, as well as…. “Meeting fans and signing stuff is always cool…one dude got a tattoo of some of our lyrics which is rad AF…playing shows with bands we’ve listened to since we were young and having people sing back whilst having a great time to our music…Jeff and Brian from Currents gave us some sick advice when it comes to picking up a label…[and] we’ve just taken on a new manager [who’s also] given us some super rad advice.”


For those looking to delve deeper into the Deference back catalogue, aside from False Awakening you might want to check out XXXVII, the band’s first EP released back in 2015. There’s also some videos to feast your eyes on up on the Deference YouTube channel, the latest of which is Scavengers, released last month and premiered by the team here at Discovered. The lyrical content is pretty dark, and the boys told us a little about the concept behind the track. In short, “fuck the man.” In more depth: “By living in a system where you have zero control over anything you do in your life, you’re born into slavery and work for the man, then you die for him. We aint about that life.”

Deference certainly seem like the kind of band who have a lot to say, and aren’t afraid to say it. They’re happy to discuss and sing about social and political issues, as well as emotional and personal ones. A recent survey conducted showed that metal and heavier music is actually good for your health, and that’s something the band can get on board with. “Raw emotion validates your own emotion. You hear a band like Traitors smash their instruments with pure rage and you know it’s real….A couple of us have had a fair few struggles with our mental health over the years we’ve been a band and it’s definitely been a form of therapy. Both writing songs and playing shows is a great outlet for us to deal with what we go through on a day to day basis.”

Deference have got a lot coming up for them in 2018, and we can apparently look forward to “fat beats, dank memes, sad bois, new music, new videos.” Sounds pretty sick to us. They’re also booked to play at Southampton’s Common People festival in May as well as extensive touring so look out for them in your city!




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