Formed in 2015 and based in the heart of the UK’s capital, CENTURIES “draw from a massive range of influences” to create their special blend of post-metalcore. Describing themselves as “heavy, atmospheric…conscious and forward thinking,” the band are “trying to steer from a generic sound and uncover our own.”

“CENTURIES sound is just an amalgamation of everything we are influenced by and listen to…” guitarist Nathan tells us. “We don’t want to be part of this norm of metalcore…we’ll continue to push ourselves to improve and produce music we feel is good enough for the world to hear…There’s lots of styles and sounds we want to explore…I think it’s going to be a constant progression and a while before we hone in on CENTURIES defining sound.”

‘Heavy’ is definitely a key element of that sound regardless, and the band admit they use the passion and fire of metal as an emotional outlet.


“It’s positive, and it can be used as a catalyst for change.”

“We come together, write songs and play shows, and use that for all the built-up anger, frustration at day to day existence in this society and at the global state of affairs. This way, we can remain (I’d like to think) sound people, that care about the planet and the people that live on it…It’s positive, and it can be used as a catalyst for change.”

Working within the genre of metalcore, however, can sometimes be tough. With such a wide range of bands aligning themselves with that moniker, it’s become something that can mean many different things to many different people. “It’s not a mix of straight up metal and hardcore anymore,” Nathan agrees. “It’s a sprawling open ended definition for modern heavy music. With so many artists pushing the boundaries of what genre labels suggest and dictate, we were in a post-metalcore world from the moment metalcore was used to label a band…”

Although they’ve aligned themselves with ‘heavy music’ and metalcore, the band are trying not to focus too much on labels, and just allowing the songs to speak for themselves as they work on their sound and development. It’s a development that was threatened last year by a massive line up change when the band were forced to find themselves a new singer. “Losing our old vocalist was such a blow ,” Nathan admits. “We had shows lined up, we released our first single (Reset: Rebuild), which smashed all our expectations and got us some attention. We had our EP ready to release and then it all came to a halt and [we] had to take a hiatus. In the long run it’s worked out great for us, our new vocalist Dan is very motivated, talented and is a great front man. We are all really stoked to have him on board. He has experience in the industry, and has been in multiple bands as a drummer and a vocalist. As soon as Dan joined we had a fresh outlook, we got back on the path we wanted to be on and haven’t looked back. It took a while to find the right person but it was worth all the stress! Although it was a big step back at the time, we’ve progressed as a band and as people.”

“We take the band seriously, but not ourselves…”

Ploughing forever onwards with determined professionalism is the MO for CENTURIES, a band who take their work and music very seriously despite being chilled out as people. “I think nowadays a bit more thought needs to be put into [it], especially in this genre. We’re trying to get to the point where the band is self-sufficient and pays for itself. At the end of the day a band should be treated like a business, without selling out…We take the band seriously, but not ourselves…”

That drive and determination is always an essential for any up and coming act, particularly at a time that’s sadly seeing a lot of the UK’s smaller venues close down. It’s something that’s hit close to home for CENTURIES down in London too. “We are slowly losing so many…all around the city…making it progressively harder for smaller bands such as ourselves as we now have to rely on getting lucky and [being] asked to support slightly bigger shows or putting on our own.”

2018 is set to be an exciting year for the band though, putting out their debut EP over the next few months, followed by extensive gigging. “We are all truly happy with the music we are writing and are actively writing more material that will be released as singles throughout the year…We’re looking to play everywhere and anywhere and get our name out there, traveling to lots of new places and sharing the music that we love with as many people as we can, supporting some of the great talent UK metal/hardcore has to offer along the way.”




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