If you haven’t checked out this trio yet then why not? The Weekend Classic released a new music video for their track titled ‘Mutual Interest’ via Rude Records.

The track itself is a very familiar sound, one that we can usually find in a pop punk song but it carries a riff filled positive vibe that’s bound to get you hooked. The chorus is one that fits perfectly with the scenery in the video, using plant life as a metaphor for human connections and without a doubt if the rest of the EP is as good as this then this is a band we all need to watch out for.

The track is one from the new EP entitled ‘Better Health‘, scheduled for release 6th April 2018. If you want to support the band go order yours here.

“So I’ll tangle my roots in your flesh and your bone And make use of all the nutrients…”

Check out the music video for ‘Mutual Interest’ here:



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