Emerging from the UK’s fast-growing pop punk scene, Stockport based Storm Harbour are making their own mark on the genre, combining original, old school pop punk and adding a modern, electric twist. ‘We make sure we’re making music that sounds like nothing that’s out there at the moment’.

With so many new and upcoming bands giving their all to make a name within the scene, Storm Harbour have been bringing back the punk half of pop punk and doing the work themselves.

“If we had played it safe and stuck to bands that we knew personally, we would have had both a very short tour and not reached any new people…”

‘The trick to it is having the confidence to approach bands with a similar sound whose show your sound would complement. Especially in Manchester, there’s a lot of showcase nights put on by promoters who just find random bands who sound nothing alike and don’t complement each other at a show and we’ve learned to avoid them and put together our own shows and approach bands doing the same thing. You have to be willing to travel to your audience’.

The bands hard work has paid off however, after a successful tour at the beginning of last year, the band gained connections not only spreading their unique sound amongst a wider audience, but creating friendships with likeminded bands, a quality that is very important according to vocalist Alastair Bowie. ‘If we had played it safe and stuck to bands that we knew personally, we would have had both a very short tour and not reached any new people; there’s only so long you can rely on word of mouth getting new people down to your shows before you need to take yourself to your audience. Touring exclusively with friends can cause a lot of isolation in the music scene and hinder any kind of growth if you don’t go outside of your comfort zone’.

Following up the release of the bands self-titled EP in 2016, Storm Harbour are set to have a busy year ahead of them We’ve recently got a few acoustic videos back (a couple of our own songs and a couple of covers) that we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks in the run up to our second EP, which we’ll be recording in February and aiming to release in March (We’re incredibly proud of these songs and look forward to unleashing them soon!). Following that we’re in the process of planning a tour around Easter time, shortly after the release of the album, and hope to play some festivals and as many cities as possible’.

With a scene that is rapidly increasing both in bands and fans, Storm Harbour are set to turn heads with this new release. The band have a distinct sound that separates them from the crowd, and a work ethic that is sure to take them to the top.



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