Breathing new life into the year with the release of their debut EP Numbers, Southampton pop punkers Kings and Castles are ready to take on 2018.

The band is formed of a long-term friendship and a New Year’s resolution that was kept. ‘Me and Potter knew each other from a previous band we had been in nearly 10 years ago. We decided we had unfinished business in the music world and that we were going to start another band at the start of 2017. We put up an add online that we were looking for a drummer and soon found matt. A short while later we stumbled across Louie and he was the final piece of the puzzle. Once the four of us got together the songs almost wrote themselves!’

“‘In the work, I do it’s difficult to let your true feelings be known as you are expected to be this super human.”

The release of numbers alongside the bands hard working attitude has granted them every pop punk dream, shows outside of their hometown, landing them gigs in London. According to vocalist Ross Rolph the band are ready to take their music even further across the country. ‘2018 will see us flying the nest a lot more’.

The EP itself is bursting with energy, the songs are dynamic and interesting musically. However, no pop punk masterpiece would be complete without the storytelling within the songs, something Kings and Castles have a knack for within their music. ‘We are all of an age now were we aren’t easily influenced and truly know ourselves as people. We have a great deal of life experience between us and try use the good and bad from that to produce the songs we do. When I write lyrics for a song they are always based on some kind of experience I’ve gone through or someone close to me has. The reason I do this is that I feel it embeds the emotions you felt at the time in the song and means others can listen to that and not just relate to the words but feel them too’.

But according to Ross Rolph opening up is not always an easy task, especially working within the police force outside of the band, however, the rewards are great. ‘In the work, I do it’s difficult to let your true feelings be known as you are expected to be this super human than has no emotion regardless of what situation you are in and there to make everyone else’s problems go away somehow. When we practice and when we play live, at that moment in time, we can forget about all the responsibilities we have and just immerse ourselves in the moment. We certainly appreciate the time we get to play music together more now than when we were younger’.

Having already bought the sunshine into the year with the release of Numbers, the band are set to keep that fire burning throughout the new year. This is THE band to reignite British rock music in 2018.




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