Yeah, that’s right, a Fugazi opera. It’s All True is an ‘opera-in-suspension’ based around Fugazi’s complete live recordings which is currently in the middle of an 8th-25th February run in La Mama in NYC.

Writer/director Kara Feely and composer Travis Just of Object Collection put the project together and refer to the whole thing as ‘an obsessive leap into 1500 hours of gig detritus made from only incidental text and sounds, none of Fugazi’s actual songs.’

The lyrics are based on Fugazi’s stage banter. It premiered in Norway back in 2016, and played London in 2017.

Fugazi’s own Guy Picciotto said of the opera:

‘In Fugazi we always thought of our music as like hollering into a valley; echoes might come back but we could never be sure what form they might take or if they would even be recognizable. All art is like that I suppose – the setting off of reactions that can’t be guided or shaped. The work OBJECT COLLECTION has done using raw material from our live archive was one of those unexpected echoes. When they contacted us to have permission to use the material, we answered yes without much curiosity as it is our loose, general policy to let non-corporate, non-commercial artists have access to our stuff for whatever creative projects they might have in mind. Sometimes the work is interesting, sometimes not, but the point is to let people engage with our stuff as a raw material if that work seems to be coming from an exploratory place.’



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