The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk has revealed the debut EP from his new project, a band called One Decade. Their debut long-EP is called Coma Visions and you can listen to it below:

‘We’re really proud of what Andrew has done with this,’ tweeted The Ghost Inside when Andrew announced the project.

‘It’s something he worked on at home while we’ve been working on getting better.

‘We’re still a band, he’s still in the band, he just has talent coming out of his ears and let a little bit of it out into these songs.’

The band are of course referring to their ongoing recovery since their 2015 bus crash.

The name Coma Visions itself could be a reference to the crash. Tkaczyk spent ten days in a coma following the crash, which also cost him his right leg.

We wish the band all the best, as always.



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