When we saw the email from The Pearl Hart’s PR we knew then that we were going to love them and that the band were going to kick our collective ass. You can’t just ignore a band that has influences from both Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac, then when you listen to them you can actually hear both Fleetwood Mac and Sabbath.

‘The thing with Pearl Harts is we just play”what feels natural to us”

‘The thing with Pearl Harts is we just play what feels natural to us, the guitar style/tone and drum parts – we just play what comes naturally. We put a lot of feel and energy into our music and because there is just the two of us we use live looping and samples to layer the sound.’ Drummer and vocalist, Sara tells us.

Something that you’ll notice if you ever get the chance to talk to either member of The Pearl Harts about their music is that everything revolves around being played live. It’s their bread and butter and everything comes back to being on a stage. When asked about the complexity of the album Sara told us that ‘Glitter and Spit does sound layered but everything is representative of our live show.  The intention from the start was to create something that sounded big but that we could still play live,’ and we were back to live music again, which if you get the chance to catch them on their tours in 2018 you will find soon on is by no means a bad thing.




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