Sadly over the last 12 months the world of music has lost a lot. Farewell to bands such as VANT and TACO HELL, farewell to venues such as SOUND CONTROL, and we may as  well start to say goodbye to THE FLAPPER and THEKLA too. HOWEVER, this is a totally new year, and as the champions of new music, we’re also going to now show you THE 18 new bands you should be listening to this year!


Just as we were slowly beginning to ache once more at the slow death of British melodic hardcore, with the respectable aspects of metalcore, Manchester’s Parting Gift came along. Boasting of a live show that has the same eerie stage presence that once put the likes of Converge on the map, if there is one live band you need to go see for the experience this year, it’s these guys.

FFO: Casey, Holding Absence | FROM: Manchester


While pop-punk comes along and claims throne once more for British music genre of the last twelve months, there’s been a certain dreamo shoegaze scene that’s been brewing, and there’s been one band that has now found itself ready to reach the surface and reclaim the title. The type of band you find yourself blasting on 11 whilst submerged by yet another Lush bath bomb, the sounds replicated in these dreamy soundscapes are just as starry of that as your soapy waters.

FFO: Turnover, American Football | FROM: London / The South


We know we’ve been saying this for the last year, but when it comes to the grey scene of UK hardcore, there’s really been one band that’s been smashing through our screens, and in our faces, with full high definition multicolour. Having taken the fancies of punk icons such as Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, and their heavier elements having pricked the ears of the likes of Employed To Serve if one band will be shoving their flag firmly into the dusty grounds of heavy British music it’s these guys.

FFO: Ceremony, Black Flag (Rollins era) | FROM: Bristol / Gloucester


2017 really has been the year that the skies have opened, and sparkling dreamo has come twirling down to planet Earth. However, whilst this is a genre we’re keen to bob along to, the one band ridding themselves of the merry go round sounds of dreamo, is Southampton’s Guillotine. Shining on the Southern coast, this is THE band to spin on the night drives, emotions intact.

FFO: La Dispute, Turnover | FROM: Southampton


Metalcore has been lying low in the dust recently, but that’s what Galleries are about to change. Reminiscent of early Deaf Havana, meeting the same chugs and structure that made Stick To Your Guns the absolute dons in the melodic hardcore game, all the while bragging of the emotional altitude of BAAO, this is a band that you need to keep both ears and eyes on over the next 12 months.

FFO: Being As An Ocean, The Elijah | From: Leeds 


Much like the band’s name itself, let’s keep it short and sweet with these guys. Summer time grooves? Check. Sold out room choruses? Check. Approvals from almost every pop punk band both this side and the other side of the globe? 110% check. If you thought Neck Deep were going to be the ones to lead the UKPP scene in a definitive revolution, think again.

FFO: Trash Boat , Roam | FROM: Scotland 


Hailing from a place of great lakes, mountains, and vast fields, Wolfpeake really seem to be a band influenced by their surroundings. Boasting of that same epic, emotional pull that made the likes of Fatherson radio giants, Wolfpeake are a band that will dominate the airwaves, and ignite that same spectacular stadium sized sound that made Twin Atlantic the band they are today.

FFO: Fatherson , Twin Atlantic 


Where do we even start with the quirky two piece? Strangely tuned melodies, swiftly leading guitars, and almost hyrdrolic vocals, Pet Library are a two piece that are bound to put any ‘average’ membered band in the DIY scene to shame. Will we see more of them this year? Yes. Will they be your favourite new band to obsessively tell everyone on your vintage revival nights you found first? Yes.

FFO: Joyce Manor, Pinegrove | FROM: London 


There is no denying that there has been a seriously huge surge in the UKHC scene over the last year, and if one band has been driving themselves into every sweaty club show with adrenaline ridden, almost 90s sounding classic hardcore, it’s these Huddersfield gentlemen.

FFO: Sick Of It All , Malevolence | FROM: Huddersfield 


Not only will this Northern post-hardcore infused with melody stick in your brain like an enjoyable case of tinnitus, but the irratibility to never have these anthems leave your mind will also be accompanied by one of the most confusing names to pronounce. Taking a new spin on an early 2000s sound, these guys will sound nostalgic even before they’ve the had the time to grow into a classic.

FFO: Glassjaw , Thursday | FROM: Manchester 


Ever wondered what the soundtrack to an outer-body experience was like? Or wondered what noise would echo in your ears if every single human emotion was to collide into one beautifully orchestrated, and yet melodic crash? Well, it would sound a lot like Ceres. One of the most heart-wrenchingly honest discoveries of 2017, the Aussies have been doing more than just tugging our heart strings.

FFO: Black Foxxes , Title Fight | FROM: Australia 


This really will be the year where Australia’s literal underdogs will come up swinging. Completely honest with the problems that us millennials are facing, this is the only band that can make you feel hopeful, depressed, and overall narrate every adolescent feeling one emo anthem at a time.

 FFO: Taking Back Sunday , Basement| FROM: Australia


Remember when we all cried because we realised that 2014 UK rock was over, and that Kids In Glass Houses, Futures, and even questionably You Me At Six were no more? Well suck up those tears, and get ready for the UK rock revival courtesy of the ANTHEMIC, and raw passion of these Yorkshire lads. If you wanna dance, if you wanna wear them tight drainpipe jeans, or whether you just wanna let that warm nostalgia wash over you, then these are the guys for you.

FFO: Kids In Glass Houses , Futures 


Take the epic stadium sounds that projected the likes of Young Guns into the early 2000s orbit, feast your eyes on a stunning live show, and call the Ghostbusters for one of the most hauntingly beautiful voices in the UK underground scene right now, this is Everything Aside, and this is THE most promising new bands in the Midlands right now.

FFO: Pvris , Young Guns | FROM: Coventry 


Gone may be the days where the likes of Me Vs Hero and Crime In Stereo roamed the great plains of pop punk, but like all things evolution, after a meteor shower of redundancy, it may have for a brief moment appeared that the sound of TRUE pop punk was extinct, then Safeguard was born. Get the stage dives in, the mic grabbing sing along choruses, and bow before the only saviours of British pop punk.

FFO: Me Vs Hero, Roam | FROM: York 


No one really seems to want to be just a great British rock band anymore. But rather than hide away in the pigeonholes confined by genres, Veridian have been dropping a colossal barrage of hits all over the UK. Having released their debut EP, 40826d earlier this year, gone are the days of music snobbery, but rather a band, and sound that is going to do more than just part the waves.

FFO: You Me At Six , Don Broco | FROM: Reading, Berkshire 


The 90s may be getting a revival in every way possible, but it’s a rare insight for a band to put out the same electrifying, solid, and straight up OG style of hardcore that once thrived in the small clubs across the globe. Having already found themselves opening for the likes of Code Orange, and now heading off on tour next month with Higher Power, Chamber are a band who have been, and will continue to relentlessly work their way to the top of the UKHC chain.

FFO: American Nightmare, Bane | FROM: West Midlands 


Last but not in any way the least, this one man machine has been turning over the gospel of right and wrong in the UK pop-punk scene, and a constant touring schedule, and not to mention the ability to bring out the best in a sometimes toxic scene is more than just a mark on this man’s character. After all, they say the world isn’t ever changed by men who do nothing.

FFO: Deaf Havana, Frank Turner | FROM: Wolverhampton




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