Hailing from the far off land of California, Whitewolf are here to rock your socks well and truly fucking off. They’re like what would happen if Beartooth were brought up on a steady diet of Cro-Mags. So in short they play riffs that are bigger than your house and breakdowns that could put a hole in the earth to shame the grand canyon. 

“We definitely have a distinct sound as far as our genre goes”

Bands like this don’t come about easy however, as drummer, Matt Hannas, tells us, they’re an amalgamation from other bands. ‘Our guitarist Troy Sutphin wanted to do something different and make a new band after his previous band disbanded. He wanted to start fresh. After going through a few line up changes Whitewolf was born near the end of 2015. We now are a culmination of members from different bands and love the music we play.’

With this, Whitewolf have a sound that is hard to pin down.  When asked about what they think sets them apart from their competition they had this to say.  ‘We feel like our music can be mixed in with a lot of genres. Our vocalist Joel listens to a lot of NWA and rap artists like Logic. We also like punk and try to keep the attitude of DIY and not taking shit from anyone. We definitely have a distinct sound as far as our genre goes. We try to meld different genres and vibes within our music especially on this new record. We have a punk rock attitude, mixed with some hip hop flavour, mixed with alternative riffs and catchy breakdowns in a nutshell.’

“Staying true to yourself and what you believe in is the bottom line with our music”

Whitewolf have a simple mission statement, they want their listeners to ‘just be yourself and don’t let people stand in your way. We always say, “If people aren’t fucking with us 100% then we aren’t going to be fucking with them 100%.” Stay true to yourself and what you believe in is the bottom line with our music.’ Something that is easy enough to get behind and in the hardcore spirit to say.

Finally, what can we expect from Whitewolf going into the new year? ’We are currently in the studio tracking our debut full-length and it should be arriving next year sometime. We just want to play as many shows as we can and put together a solid live performance for our audience and just have fun all around. We are always writing, but right now we are just focused on this record and releasing it to the world.’  Then, true to form Matt leaves us with a one-liner that would be cocky if he didn’t believe in himself 100%, ‘this record is going to drop next year and it will definitely be one for the books.’

Whitewolf can be found online at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhitewolfCA/

Twitter: @WhitewolfCA

And their music is available on Spotify.

FFO: Beartooth and Cro-Mags




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