RATING: 8/10

We’ve always found Citizen to be an interesting band.  They’ve never been one to sit on a sound for too long, as their first two records are an attest to. Unfortunately because of this in the seven years that they’ve been a band together they haven’t managed to find a sound that lasts, four years on Youth hasn’t aged well, so stuck as it is in the early 2010’s emo phase.  Then their sophomore effort Everyone Is Going To Heaven didn’t manage to capture our attention.  It’s love of the 90’s alternative rock riff and the heavy grunge influence almost made it fall into the background of everything else coming around at that time.  Even from this when they release an album they are always on the top of the world for a while, after this they end up falling into a sense of obscurity.

Thankfully, their third effort, As You Please, sounds like it’s going to stick around.  As You Please has the sound of a band that has stopped trying to follow a trend and is finally doing their own thing and excelling at it.  There is more of an experimental edge to the album, with the choral sounding ‘Discrete Routine’ and the organs in ‘You Are A Star,’ while it keeps the raw energy that has been evident from their earlier records and their live shows.  They still have the large choruses that you have come to expect from them Mat and the gang, singalongs will be had.

Without a doubt As You Please is a heartfelt record.  The band wrote it over a year and it recounts their experiences over that year.  It is a testament to the band that even with bringing in five people’s experiences onto the record it still feels so cohesive on the band’s longest record to date.  ‘You Are A Star’ is one such song that sends you into soaring heights while listening to it, while songs like ‘Ugly Luck’ pulls you into the weight of a person that is trying their best but never getting anywhere.  It would be hard to pick out a stand out track as they all stand out in their own way, each song explores a new depth of understanding that Citizen have together as a band.  A fan of their earlier work will love the aggressive vocals that are rife throughout the album.  There is even a taste of some of the work off of Young States on As You Please, all polished to a smooth veneer by a band that has been around for the better part of a decade.


As You Please will be available on the 6th October via Run For Cover Records.




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