Jimmy Eat World seem to have a habit of getting support acts that don’t really make sense.  While THE AMAZONS (4) were not a band that I would have rather been out smoking while they played, they’re nothing really to write home about.  Their catchy indie styling will definitely appeal to some but for the most part you’re just reminded of bands who are better.

After that, however, it was time for the cool uncles of the emo world, JIMMY EAT WORLD (10).  While all of the members seem fairly unassuming they can still sound the same when they play songs that they wrote over a decade ago.  All eyes were on them through the twenty six song set that went for nearly two hours, which is an impressive feat for most bands but when you have a back catalogue that spans nine albums what are you gonna do?

While everyone was excited for the opening song ‘Get Right,’ it didn’t come close to when the opening bars of ‘Bleed American’ kicked in.  Immediately the entire band (and, admittedly, a large portion of the audience) seemed about fifteen years younger.  The energy of the gig ebbed and flowed as you would expect with a Jimmy Eat World gig, some songs had the crowd screaming and jumping around while others had us crying our eyes out.  They even decided to throw in some extra surprises throughout their set list.  ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ was one that was straight out of the left field and so was ‘No Sensitivity.’

A gig is not just the songs that the band plays however; you also have the stage set up and the band’s demeanour on stage.  The band was flanked by four street lights that changed colour for the feeling of the song which any band other than them couldn’t have pulled off.  Jim Adkins remains one of the sweetest men in rock music, stopping the gig for a good few minutes to tell us a tale about when they were on tour with Green Day in 2005 and being wholly apologetic for not letting a fan play bass on ‘The Middle.’

Speaking of ‘The Middle’ we have to talk about their encore.  The three piece hit of ‘The Middle,’ ‘Sure and Certain’ and then ‘Sweetness’ was enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.  Not that you could tell because we were all screaming too much.



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