4am – Following a night in the dog house, who else thinks it worth while to start a ‘metal Disney party’ with 12 people in a 4 man tent, including various DJs who have appeared over the weekend? Clearly not security guard 408.

11:50am – Sunday was the day of drink.  This is because none of us wanted to carry it home and so decided it all had to be finished before the end of the day.  We had a lot to drink.  First up (quite sober) were GROVE STREET FAMILIES (8) a band that sound funny in concept but absolutely kill it live.  Anyone that is unfamiliar with the idea Grove Street Families are from the game Grand Theft Auto, and as such all of Grove Streets Families songs are about GTA.  Like we said it sounds funny but all it takes is listening to Right To Remain Violent to convert a person.

12:25pm – After Grove Street Families our sub editor found out about DOGTOOTH ALE (10) the Download ale.  He wasn’t happy about this because he can’t stand lager and had been drinking lager all day but had never noticed that we was able to drink an actual ale.  It was great in fairness so it may have been worth the wait.

12:30pm We feel as though this may also be a good time to talk about DOWNLOAD CUP DEPOSIT SYSTEM (ECO FRIENDLY). The idea was that you would have to pay a deposit that you could get back when you got your cup and you could get it refilled throughout the festival and then hand it back for you deposit back.  It worked wonders, there were no cups anywhere to be seen.  This may also have had something to do with the fact SOMEONE KEPT STEALING OUR FUCKING CUPS (0).

1:35pm – Mark Osborne of MOOSE BLOOD quickly chats to us about Eminem 12 inch singles. And there we were calling Download a metal festival

1:50pm – With a name that simulates how most of the crowd are feeling, DEAD (7) are surprisingly livening it up! Their brash British punk has formed it’s own massive choruses, and whilst they may lack the singalongs, the catchiness of, Phantom is just irresistable!

3:50pm – It’s either an early case of festival blues, or TOUCHE AMORE (6) are about to pull in onboard the feels train. Whilst post melodic hardcore seems to be missing from this year’s British festival line ups, Jeremy Bolhme is quick to reiterate just why we need it. The touching, Flowers and You has even the hardest mosher fighting off tears, and while the band remain somewhat distant during their set, the heartfelt thanks they give Download is simply touching.










4:30pm – In between bands we then tried the GUEST AREA WHISKEY TENT (DRUNK).  The cocktails that they were serving up were delicious and didn’t taste the littlest bit of alcohol.  Which is bad when they have two shots of whiskey in and they accept contact card payments….

5:50pm – We managed to stumble our way into the tent to see BASEMENT (7).  The British emo bad boys did us proud that set, the rousing chorus to songs like Bad Apple and Pine got the crowd going.  It was the least that you could do to give them a hand singing in those songs and the kids going over the barrier crowd surfing were a testament to that. A band that easily has the potential to one day headline one of these tents.

7:00pm- After finding ourselves another beer we got to see the pink soaked emo boys MOOSE BLOOD (7).  The crowd again probably could have taken the space of Eddie there, there were trying their best to out sing him and you could tell that they were feeding of it.  They looked like they were having the time of their lives up there, and who could blame them as we cooed along to the likes of ‘Honey’. 










8:50pm – AEROSMITH (9) the only band that could possibly have topped off this weekend managed without a doubt to top off this weekend.  They played and the crowd responded, Steve Tyler was his usual self and we didn’t quite realise what stage presence was until we saw these guys on their final UK show ever.  A tearful ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ made the entire crowd fold as members took to each other’s shoulders, and as for the rain? Well it made it all the easier to slide along to ‘Walk This Way’.

11:00pm – We finally locate the remaining members of TRASH BOAT in the dog house, singing along to the saddest goodbye playlist a DJ could end a weekend with. We didn’t know what made us shed a tear more, Hoobastank’s ‘The Reason’, or the realisation that one of the greatest festivals was once more over and we had to wait an entire 12 months until it happened again.



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