12:05pm Saturday started as all good days should start, a little bit of CREEPER(9) in the morning.  They ruled that stage and anyone that was there can’t doubt their meteoric rise anymore.  As a band that have never looked comfortable on small stages, the main stage seems like their logical home. Will Ghould pranced along the platform like a revived David Bowie, and when the pit didn’t open, our favorite pineapple bearing shirt did so, causing the entirety of the main stage’s crowd to simply erupt during the credible, VCR.

12:50pm – We tell a sweaty post show CREEPER that in the next five years they need to headline the main stage otherwise we’ve all failed our jobs miserably.

12:51pm – We then accidentally bump into A DAY TO REMEMBER’S Jeremy McKinnon, when wondering where the waft of doughnuts was coming from. He’s a very polite man and doesn’t take much offence by it.

1:00pm and the pop punk sunshine is already fighting off the cloudy storms that seem to be gathering over Download. Well, that or the giant tent in which TRASH BOAT (8) find themselves within! Slamming down hard and bearing the flag for UKPP, the anthemic, Strangers sounds just as massive as ever, and while we may be missing good old Soupy on the guesties, the mass crowd sing along works equally as well! Mainstage bound next year it seems…

1:30pm UK pop punk really is on the rise and JUNIOR (8) are here to prove it.  We’re sure that to some pop-punk shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near their hallowed ground but if you look at the line-up its growing and so are Junior.  They bounced their way through their far too short set list but that didn’t mean that they weren’t able to fit in their ‘annual limbo competition’ halfway through the set.  A little treat also at the end for the fans of NXT (9), of who their bassist is a part of, a fight was announced when his rival runs up on stage and hits him.  In a first in our lives we saw the bassist front flip off the stage in retaliation.  Seriously. You have to watch this.










1:55pm – Cheese Truck (10), Dan Bostock of Trash Boat repeatedly waves us over (we have no idea who he actually is at first, and turns out he got us confused for someone else), and shower (11)

2:40pm with the sun tan lotion has proven not to have worked, SUICIDE SILENCE (7) seem like the perfect band to vent to. As Eddie Hermida storms the stage like an animal breaking free, and with their new Deftones-esque record in tact, you can see why they’re always going to be one of the only bands in metal never to be moved down from either of the main stages. With the mosh in full swing, it’s the hard hitting barrage of thrash that is unloaded onto us during a brutally loud, You Can’t Stop Me’ that really reminds us that Download and this band are cemented in the heart of metal.










3:40pm, as expected KVELERTAK (6) not only bring a weird eeriness to Download, but as per usual, the owl is indeed fully intact.

4:00pm – It’s just not a festival without a cry, or this year, the melodic CASEY (7).  Whilst the stage presence may have dried, we can’t help but comment that vocalist Tom Weaver has a set of pipes on him, no one can argue with that.  This was the emotional reckoning that we all needed, it was almost getting too fun for us, we had a little cry and we felt better to go on our day.










5:00pm – It’s the weekend of nostalgia at Download, and if one band has been hyped by both our inner fourteen-year-old emos, as well as every other band on this bill, it’s AFI (6). Sadly it seems like the rest of the band are trying to bring their all, all the while Davey Havok continues to stroll across the stage as if we’re all expected to know who he is. However, crowd control is far from not being his forte, and as the fist pumping reaches new levels during, Miss Murder, we all head bang as hard as this sun burn allows.

6:40pm – After AFI we headed for a shoe change, it seemed that wellies might have been a bit pessimistic, the Weather (8) was holding and we felt that it might be safe enough for us to walk around in trainers.  We were glad for this change when A DAY TO REMEMBER (8) took to the stage.  They had us moving our feet in a second as their metalcore blended pop punk took us right back half a decade. An explosive set of crowd surfing, stage diving backwards into the crowd, and a mass sing along of, ‘All I want’ made us not give a single fuck about the storm that seems to encapsulate the festival at that very moment.  All they needed to do was play their cover of ‘Since U Been Gone’ and it would have been complete.

8:40pm – Right? Who would have thought that we would be talking about SIMPLE PLAN (9) in 2017? Anybody? No, neither did we.  Can anyone that was there deny that this was one of the best times that we had? No, I didn’t think so either.  It was their anniversary tour so they took us through a lot of their older songs which we never thought that we would ever get to hear live.  We’re still a-dick-dick-dick-dicted to them alright.

9:00pm – While we can’t deny that Simon Neill and his co Scotsmen are nothing short of experts when it comes to headlining, it’s still a mixed vibe from a heavily metal orientated crowd. However amongst their incredible lighting rig, and a bombardment of radio hit after radio hit, BIFFY CLYRO (9) could finish their set by getting into the crowd and slapping the non believers silly.





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