RATING: 6/10

The calling of the maggots is one that can not be compared to any other fan base. It’s one that pulses straight through the very heart of metal, calling to us from under the soil of everyday life, and bringing us straight to the forefront of out of this world insanity. Having hit the UK hard last year, it seems like Slipknot are continuing to run on a winning stream, and with a headline slot at Download Festival last year, as well as a national sold out tour, it seems like the masked heroins are more warmed up than the gates of hell.

Opening tonight is SIKTH (5) who have been making their way onto the lineups once more, and despite their 15+ year career, Mikee Goodman is still bringing a fresh take to nu-metal, one anthem at a time. A band that may have some of the catchiest choruses tonight, their trigger happy riffs take the crowd under their control, and with only a few notes having only been strum during ‘Part Of The Friction’ , the crowd turns into one big violent party. Is this a potential second stage headliner for the festival circuit this year? Maybe.

But sadly it seems like Sikth may have ben a band to bridge the generation gap on this tour, because whilst the California hardcore dad mob, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (4) come at us with an integrity ridden go hard or go home attitude, a lot of the crowd tonight are left puzzled as to whether they mosh, crowdsurf, or take this performance with a pinch of salt. However if one riff wil be played relentlessly in our bandana covered minds for the next month, it’s going to be the scuzzy circle pit starter, War Inside My Head. As Mike Muir performs with the same angst levels as N.W.A meets Corey Taylor, we can’t help but think that both hardcore is maybe just slightly uncomfortable in a venue this size. If they can get this much energy and sweat in a club show though, it would be a solid ten performance.


It’s finally time for SLIPKNOT (6) As David Bowie’s ‘Ashes To Ashes’ rings out across the arena, a beautiful tribute to a man that to some surprisingly influenced the likes of Corey Taylor and broke the genre boundaries, it’s only a matter of seconds before sparks are sent flying across the stage. With a tape opening of ‘Be Prepared For Hell’ sneaking it’s way into the venue, our hairs stand on the back of our necks like a pyscho horror film opening. Whilst it might not be Hannibal who takes to the stage, the prosphetic masks of the raging Clown and Jim Root are enough to send you running from the room. However even if you try to get through the mass barrage of pits opening up around you, the gnarly bass heavy ‘Negatine One’ pulls you straight back into the demonic,satanical, heavy, and riff heavy performance.


Whilst tonight’s performance is heavily influenced by the band’s latest record, ‘The Grey Chapter’, it just wouldn’t be a Slipknot show without the likes of ‘Eyeless’ delivering a swift uppercut to their setlist. ‘Welcome back’, grins Corey with a stitched up smile, and as he commands the army of maggots to rise off the ground during Iowa rariety, ‘I Am Hated’, the scratching of records demonstrates the ego maniac meets nu-metal drive of Sid Wilson, and just how this band has defied being pigeon-holed into any one genre. Slipknot are a band who have spent almost two decades delivering the metal world with some of it’s biggest hits, and whilst it may not be raining down on us this time round, ‘Psychosocial’ still delivers one big bite. But lets remember, it just wouldn’t be a Slipknot show without a sweaty circle pit for the metal anthem that is ‘Duality’.


Closing tonight in a satantic ritual of ‘Spit It Out’, we can’t say that this tour isn’t much different from their last run of shows. It’s near enough the same setlist, and near enough the same stage performance, but with any luck next time round we’ll see the return of the truck sized ram skull. It’s a mixed review from us Slipknot.



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