RATING: 8/10 

Gracing the Manchester Apollo with their presence, it’s been a while since the UK rock scene experienced such a show. As PARKWAY DRIVE headline tonight, their entourage of support acts brings an onslaught of heavy anthems behind them.

Opening act and fellow Aussies THY ART IS MURDER (4) have been through hell and back over the past year. With their latest release Holy War being only a few months old, and ex-vocalist leaving the band soon after the tours announcement, this band could have easily given up. But as their replacement frontman brings down the venue with the gnarly tune ‘Absolute Genocide’, it’s clear this band is going places. The perfect ‘pre- headliner’ warm up, the band have the entire venue sweating in fits of rage and of course, full fury moshing. With singles such as ‘The Purest Strain of Hate’ and ‘Reign of Darkness’ tearing the venue in two, it’s the final blow during ‘Holy War’ that leaves the entire audience wanting more metal mayhem. For both fans and those newly converted after tonight, the excitement is building for what the rest of 2016 holds for Thy Art is Murder.



There is nothing like a BURY TOMORROW (8) pit. Limbs swinging, screamer Danni Winter-Bates shoots across the stage demanding crowd surfers, gang vocals, and utter havoc from the moment he sets foot on stage. With songs such as ‘Earthbound’ and ‘Of Glory’ performed with the utter most perfection, it’s comes as no surprise these Southampton lads started out only a decade ago, and just like their past four albums, have rocketed into total success. As Danni promises “a little something for the older fans”, the band kick into the infamous ‘Lion heart’, the immaculate combination of his growls, and clean vocalist’s and guitarist (Jason Cameron) haunting voice that causes the crowd to go wild. From fans flooding the photo pit in attempt to reach the stage, lighters held high, hands clapping, and the walls filled to the brim with gang vocals, the band end their set on a real high note as single ‘Man on Fire’ breaks through the amps.


Slamming into their set with confetti canons, sparks pouring down from above, and one hell of an intro, PARKWAY DRIVE (10) really do resemble Gods up on tonight’s stage. There are so many times the band could be referred to as one of Australia’s best rock bands, and now at Discovered, we are reminded exactly why.


Opening with the first single from Ire (Parkway’s latest release) ‘Destroyer’ bursts the room into a spree of fist throwing and fans from all rock generations into a real frenzy. With the microphone pressed to his lips even as the pyros explode in front of him, Winston McCall’s beastly growls reign across his audience as he fearlessly darts between the flames.


Throwing down into ‘Dark Days’, each band member shreds through the instrument with such passion and talent, that the entire audience feels the need to step up their game. And what no better moment than during the countdown to ‘Deliver Me’, where for the first few lines Winston’s vocals aren’t needed due to the sheer intensity of the fans screaming back every word. Plummeting in and out of smoke, Parkway stays humble to their earlier masterpieces, performing singles such as ‘Karma’ from their Deep Blue album, even way back to their Horizons release with the ultimate ‘Carrion’. It’s only after an eerie prelude, a few grateful words from Winston himself, and a constant display of pyros, that things become very serious very quickly.Splitting the room into the biggest pit of the evening, the crowd brace themselves for the finale of ‘Home is Where the Heart is’, a defining moment that really shows us that Parkway Drive are a force to be reckoned with.




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