The return of one of the most respectable, excitable, and important bands in post hardcore this side of the century was never going to be a quiet one. With a last minute announcement foretelling the sweaty club scene that is unraveling in front of us, Letlive have finally come back to the UK, and this time round they mean very serious business. Although the venue isn’t exactly full to capacity just yet, tonight’s also last minute announcement openers, YOUTH MAN (6) still go in pretty damn hard.


Their brash in your face punk is everything your parents warned you about, and as vocalist Kaila Whyte is similar to that of a young Skunk Anasie’s Skin, her fishnet crop top being just as edgy as her hyper active movements forever diverse vocals. Soon realizing that crowd control is far beyond their reach, the three piece do exactly the same thing they did when we first saw them play to, well only us. Packing away their fucks, and going ape shit, it’s the more upbeat and bass heavy ‘Joy’ that really begins to get a few heads nodding. Whilst they may be a far cry from most of Letlive’s fans expectations as far as support bands are concerned, they’re a band that simply walk on, get in your face, and then leave, (especially during an electrical onset of recent single, Fat Dead Elvis). To sum it up…well we’re all left wondering what the fuck just happened.


What we do know is happening next though is the return and rise of LETLIVE (8). Slamming straight into the wild ‘Banshee’, a mass of crowd surfing, pitting, and all around party times ensue, with vocalist Jason Butler getting face to face with the fans now rammed against the stage. Tonight’s set list is a Letlive’s fans wet dream, and as the catchy funkcore of The Dope Beat has our shoulders jiving, we’re reminded about just why Letlive are some top players in an entire league of their own. They can go from theatrically melodic choruses (as demonstrated in the eerieMuther) to mid song funk and Prince worthy jazzy lines, all the while remaining creative integrity.


It’s the newest single, Good Mourning America that really tests the waters for the band’s return, and as the band don’t hesitate at all to turn the venue upside down (Jason at this point literally hangs himself upside down), the new material is greeted with the same uproar and chaos as any other part of Letlive’s back catalog. Ending on an incredible finale of ‘Renegade 86’, the room bursts at the seams, and so Letlive define the lyrics of the almost cult classic, “What books you say? Well I was busy rewriting the record books.” Tonight has been pure solid, unadulterated, sweaty, and chaotic gold.





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