Despite smashing Coldplay’s table into a million pieces the night before, BRING ME THE HORIZON venture on tonight performing a one off Brit Awards show that’s guaranteed to leave its mark on the intimate venue.

Opening up the show, indie newcomer’s ZIBRA (8) bring on the funk with their single ‘Wasted days’ that gets the early crowd shimmying from side to side. With a sound almost familiar to other artists such as the 1975 with a hint of synth elector pop, the band put in all their best efforts to get the crowd moving and successfully do so. From the way Zibra carry themselves on stage, with honest and hilarious comments from the vocalist (“ Please buy our single because why the fuck not?”) alongside having a quick chat with fans in the audience, it’s understandable how the three piece are able to gain popularity so quickly. Now what’s even more impressive, is the band not only creating their own instruments, they also have performed their head bobbing anthem ‘Paris’ during catwalks in the city itself. Winning the tough audience over (because let’s face it, most of us were here in hopes BMTH would play their heavier stuff), the entire now packed venue have their hands  raised clapping in sync as the band finish on the catchy ‘Girl’s like you.’  With such a quirky, truthful and darn right memorable performance, Zibra are definitely going to make 2016 their year.

SUNDARA KARMA (5) fills the room with that awkward presence of the geek at the footballer’s party. Still no idea what we’re talking about? Okay, so imagine if a Nirvana inspired fan and a  Kings of Leon fan produced a grunge meets indie love child, and then that love child misplaced itself on the bill, then viola you have the second act of the night. Moody, the band lack stage presence but gracefully makes up for it with their early 90’s sounding singles ‘Flames’ and ‘A Young Understanding.’ Although there may be tension rising among the crowd, it’s not long before the band hit full force, eventually putting the focus on the front man’s smooth yet haunting vocals. As their set picks up, the room fills with the nostalgic essence single ‘Diamond Cutter,’ eventually grabbing all of our attention. Bleak, and almost a bit too try-hard, it’s such a shame to see such a great band wasted on the wrong line-up. Hopefully the future is bright for Sundara Karma, but for now it seems as if only time will tell.

You can’t really predict what BRING ME THE HORIZON (10) is planning to do next. From confetti canons to a back drop filled with cosmic patterns, the band welcomes the audience with the eerie single ‘Doomed’ , a well suited and excitement fuelling track that electrifies the room. Kicking straight into their newer material, vocalist Oliver Sykes demands the floodlights of the stage to be lit, revealing the entire venue to be packed out to the second balcony and beyond, all screaming and waiting for more. As ‘Spirit’ flashes across the backdrop during ‘Happy Song’, it almost seems there is no need for the gang vocal heavy chorus to be performed on stage as the crowd are already doing a better job of it. Jumping into the pit, BMTH fans both new and old join in as the band switch it up to their heavier material such as ‘House of Wolves’ and their recent release ‘Throne’.  Diverse with their sound, a trait that has made BMTH’s career a very successful one, the band ensure to switch between atmospheres with the haunting live debut appearance of ‘Follow You’, which still leaves shivers down the spine at the end of the show. Of course no BMTH set would be complete with a serious stage stunt and proof of how powerful this band is. Surprising us with their earlier Suicide Season material, the band launch into the mayhem of the classic ‘Chelsea Smile’, where during the build-up, Oli commands his crowd down to their knees before rocketing to the ceiling. Luring us back into the set, the chilling ‘Blessed with a curse’ as an encore, the final blow is delivered during the anticipated ‘Drown’, where even the sweat confetti fans on the balcony press against the railings.  By far one of the best shows of the year, many of the fans here would of never had dreamt they’d see the band play such a small venue again. However, tonight BMTH have shown us dreams can come true.



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