Ahead of his UK tour this month, the former BLACK FLAG vocalist, punk poet, and all around legend, admitted to having a ‘kill list’, for people who ‘just need to get out.’ Rollins told The Guardian:

On reflection, do you think it was harsh to say you wanted to make a house record out of the sound of Morrissey being burned to death?
Well, I like the guy. I think he’s very intelligent and has real good taste in music. It’s nothing I’d say on stage now because I think it’s poorly meant, but that’s why we humans are allowed subtly evolve here and there. There are definitely some people I wouldn’t mind seeing burned to death – I absolutely have a kill list. But not good old Morrissey. I think the world is a much better place with him in it.

Who is on the kill list?
Just people who need to get got. And there’s two for sure. There are different grades. There are a few people who could do with losing a hand. And I’d happily carry the petrol can, the cleaver, whatever it takes. As far as the kill list goes, though, there are two who’ve REALLY gotta go. Every day I don’t get them I consider a partial failure.

You can catch Rollins on his spoken word tour at:

Bristol St George’s Hall (January 10)
Newcastle Tyne Theatre (11)
Manchester Bridgewater Hall (12)
London Barbican (14)
Birmingham Town Hall (15)
London Barbican (16)
Dublin Vicar Street (17)
Glasgow Academy (18)


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