Dear Youth is both the new record from melodic hardcore band, The Ghost Inside, and also front man Jonathon Vigil’s open letter to today’s youth. A record of both self-confession and lifelong advice to fans of both the band, and anyone whose ears it falls upon. As The Ghost Inside prepare to take to the stage of a sold out London Roundhouse, we sat down with Vigil to find out just how much this record is about to reveal.


SO ‘DEAR YOUTH’ IS OUT THIS MONTH, HAVE YOU BEEN EXCITED TO FINALLY RELEASE IT? Jonathon (Vigil, vocals): “Yeah well we’ve been playing songs off of our last record Get What You Give for almost three years now ,so we’re excited for kids to hear new songs, and for us to be able to play new songs. So we’re looking forward to that for sure”.

DID YOU TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS ALBUM FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS OF ‘GET WHAT YOU GIVE’? “Yeah I mean not even necessarily by choice, this record process was a lot different to the last few. We’re a band that likes to go on tour a lot, it’s our livelihood so it was hard for us to take the time off to write and record so we did what we could between tours. So we sat with these songs for a while. We’d record a couple of songs but then go on tour, find out what we liked and wanted to change and would then go back to record a few more songs and change some old stuff. We did that two or three times before the record was done.”

SO WERE THERE ANY DIFFICULTIES YOU HAD WRITING AND RECORDING THIS ALBUM? “Just being on the road all the time made it hard to get it all done. This record was process was pretty good though, we had Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember and Andrew Wade produce the album and having them on board was just another set of ears”.

YOU STREAMED THE ALBUM BEFORE IT’S RELEASE, HAVE FANS BEEN REACTING WELL? “What I’ve read so far has all been pretty good feedback which is what you wanna hear when you put out new music. You don’t wanna see any bad stuff but so far it’s all been good”.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO RELEASE ‘AVALANCHE’ AND ‘DEAR YOUTH (DAY 52)’ AS THE FIRST TWO SINGLES? “I think the reason we did Avalanche first out of the blue was just because that songs runs the entire spectrum of what our band sounds like. We wanted to just get it out there and get kids talking about our new record even though we hadn’t released any details. We wanted to get them thinking about what comes next for The Ghost Inside and it was awesome, it was a good s ong for us to put out first. I enjoyed writing and recording it.”

“I don’t want to say it was therapeutic, but this record helped me put a lot of my demons to rest.”- Jonathan Vigil

FOR DEAR YOUTH (DAY 52) YOU DID A VIDEO WITH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM YOUR FANS, WHAT GAVE YOU THE IDEA TO DO THAT? “Well the albums called Dear Youth and is about writing a letter so I thought it would be a cool spin off from the lyric video idea where instead of just showing the lyrics we’d have kids write in their own creative way lyrics to create the video. So yeah it came out really cool, we got a ton of submissions and fitted as many as we could into three and a half minutes but we couldn’t use them all but we’re stoked to get fans involved like that”.

SO DO YOU FEEL IT WAS A GOOD WAY TO MAINTAIN A CONNECTION WITH YOUR FANS AND DO YOU THINK IT’S IMPORTANT FOR BANDS TO DO THIS? “Definitely, I think that if you become relatable to your fans that goes a long way. Whereas you see a band that fans can’t relate to, to me that’s just like going to a concert and seeing a band whereas if I’m in the crowd and I feel like I’m a part of what they are that’s gonna make me come back more and more”

DO YOU WRITE YOUR LYRICS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF THE EXPERIENCES OF OTHERS? “Well my inspiration for writing is taken from life experiences, I take things that have happened to me or things that I see and I need to write about and make it relatable for other people. Like if you make a song too personal it’s not gonna really have the same effect because if some


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