Here at Discovered, one of our favourite bands of all time is Between The Buried And Me; So, as the band are currently on a UK tour promoting their latest release ‘’Coma Ecliptic’’ we sent our Sub Editor (bit of a fan boy) for a chat with their bassist Dan Briggs.

Here’s the low-down on everything BTBAM:


Your latest record Coma Ecliptic is a wonderful complex & trippy rock opera, how did the concept come about?

‘’The concept itself was Tommy our singer’s idea; he came up with it about half way through us having the music written. It was cool because he had something to base it off of I think, like he was able to hear the vibe of the music and base it off of that… I mean, I have no idea how his brain works, but we thought it was cool! We were into it!’’


What’s the story behind the album?

‘’Basically it’s about a guy who’s in a self induced coma; he traverses a bunch of different worlds. Its about him constantly questioning his reality, and realising he’s in a coma, within a coma… Never really getting out of it, and every place he thinks is reality is just another shitty coma. He realises at the end that he’s given the choice of life and death, and he finally chooses death.’’


This is your first time over in the UK during this album cycle, how’s it going so far?

‘’It’s going good! It’s been 3 years since we last came here, we came right when ‘The Parallax 2’’ came out. We actually celebrated its release in Europe. But yeah it’s going good so far! Couple more shows here in the UK, then off to Europe and Scandinavia, its going to be fun!’’


Coma Ecliptic reached number 74 in the UK album chart, which is a MASSIVE achievement for something so avant garde, has that success been reflected in the turn out and crowd participation at the UK shows so far?

‘’To be honest, we’ve not been able to tell if we’ve made much progress since the last time we were over here… Maybe its because we don’t come over here often enough, or haven’t done enough support tours with other people’s crowds, but we are having so much fun, and we get to see Haken every night, and they’re great.’’


From what we’ve seen of your set lists from shows you’ve played in 2015, it’s a pretty mixed bag featuring songs for most of your albums. Do you prefer to give the fans the full BTBAM experience rather than just go out and play the latest record?

‘’We do do tours that are specific to the record we are promoting, we are going to do that next year. We try to have a bit of the set that represents where we are at now, because that’s the most honest representation of how we feel, and then from there we try and mix in a couple of songs from ‘’Colors,’’ and pick and choose a few from there on. We go as far back as ‘’Alaska’’ on this tour, that’s usually about as far back as we go!’’


BTBAM is now 15 years old! If you had to pick 1 highlight from the experience so far, what would it be?

‘’Fuck that’s such a hard question! I think I’d probably have to say the album we just wrote; it’s the idea of more melodic, progressive rock album, something I’ve wanted to do since high school and college, but as a band we had to naturally get there. I think if we had written this album when I joined instead of Alaska, I don’t think it would have been right. We wouldn’t have been mature enough to write it, and it would have been too much of a left turn for the fans. We’ve been gradually able to get to this point. I think the fact the fans have allowed us to be a band this long is amazing. 7 full-length albums is A LOT. Lots of I bands we really love don’t have that, so I think that we’ve been allowed the time to grow is awesome!‘’


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Alaska, do you have plans for an anniversary tour to celebrate?

‘’Not a full show! We plan to play a song we haven’t played in a while, maybe for like 8 years, on the next US tour, so that will be fun. We’re just so far removed from where we were then. I was 20 years old when we wrote that album! We’ve come a long way since then! We can still dip our cap to it, but to learn the whole thing again would be an excruciating nightmare!’’


So what’s next for BTBAM?

‘’We have a few rad tours in America and Australia! Then, at the end of 2016 we get finally tour the album! We can’t wait for that, it will be almost 2 years since we started to write it, and we’ll finally get to play it in full to everyone!’’


Finally, what new bands are currently catching your attention?

‘’I really love Haken, we’re psyched to finally play with them! 

Native Construct in the US, they’re really young, they’re music is really cool, its neat progressive rock.

I love The Deer Hunter’s new album, it really good! Its theatrical rock with a kind of Brian Wilson twist!

It’s a really exciting time for new music, and cool exciting bands doing different shit! It’s pretty awesome!

I think people think everything already been done but its just simply not true! While there’s creative minds out there, music will always be exciting!’’


So there you have it from the horses mouth! If you missed out on this time, expect BTBAM to return in the fall of 2016 performing Coma Ecliptic in its entirety. between-the-buried-and-me_photo03between-the-buried-and-me




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